Coach Registration/Certification

  1. Crusaders Rugby Club Coach Registration - circa $60
  2. World Rugby Concussion Management for the General Public Certificate Online Course - save your PDF certificate
  3. World Rugby RugbyReady Online Course - save your PDF certificate
  4. World Rugby First Aid In Rugby Certificate - save your PDF certificate
  5. Every match/practice must have a Level 1 certified coach in attendance:
    1. NCCP Coach Registration - if you don't have one, register for an NCCP number
    2. Rugby Canada Coach Training Schedule
    3. Rugby Canada Coach - Community Initiation Level 1 minimum must be current
  6. Halton Vulnerable Sector Checks & Peel Vulnerable Sector Checks - (download volunteer letter from club to avoid paying fees)
  7. Upload Your VSC Check and World Rugby Certificates to Crusaders (needs a Google Account or a account, click here to create a personal Google Account)

Collecting Team Payments (7s and others) - How To

We cannot accept cash any longer for team-related payments. To collect payments from parents/players, please use Teamstuff (or eTransfers as a last resort), as follows:

Teamstuff (Plan A):

  • Go to Teamstuff> Payments> Collect Payments
  • Add a payment: click on + to add a required payment, select the team, give the payment a name (I.e. “Q-Meta Tournament Fees”, select a due date, fill in who owes what amount on the team list, and Save the Payment.
    • This will notify all the players/parents who owe and track who has paid via credit card and hasn't.
  • Reminders: reminders can be sent to parents/players from within Teamstuff. All payments/overdue are visible within to the club admins.

eTransfers (Plan B): if credit card payments via Teamstuff are not feasible for individuals, they can alternatively:

  • send an eTransfer to
  • email proof of payment to coach and
  • it is the coach's responsibility to mark the payment as received (as "cash") within Teamstuff or players/parents will continue to receive reminders and nags

Expense Claim

Note: You will need a Google account or a account to submit an expense claim. Click here to create a personal Google Account if you don't have one.

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2019 Teamsheets

2019 How to Create a Team Sheet.pdf