Home Match/Tournament Scheduling Checklist

  1. Inform Bar/Food

    • Email bar@crusadersrugby.ca to ensure it can be staffed and food needs can be met. If you're organizing something less than 2 weeks in advance, there is no guarantee that the bar will be staffed or there will be adequate food so please plan ahead.

  2. Athletic Therapists

Optional Event Communications

Who Can Help Me?

mens.director@crusadersrugby.ca - response for senior mens programs

womens.director@crusadersrugby.ca - response for senior women programs

junior.director@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for juniors program

minis.rugby@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for juniors program

athletic.therapy@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for coordinating athletic therapists

facilities@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for club facilities and fields, including the bar

bar@crusadersrugby.ca - bar manager