This page provides an overview of the programs, software, facilities available to Head Coaches, key club volunteers and the Board.

Highly recommended: Download Google Chrome, sign-in to Chrome using your email/credentials and use it when you are working on club stuff - this will make your life MUCH easier as it will keep you logged in to our Google Workspace, provide you with links/bookmarks to our sites/services/vendors etc. etc.

Crusaders Google Workspace

The board, head coaches and other some others have club email addresses, Google Drive and other facilities provided by Google:

Strongly suggest you download and use Google Chrome Browser

Managed by Secretary Treasurer

Using Google Workspace

You'll need to be logged into your to access all the files and applications. If you already use Google for personal or work, you can create different "people" in Chrome and switch between them more easily.

Account Creation

If you need a Google account created to provide another person with a Crusaders email address or they need access to the Google Drive or other facilities, please email Secretary or Treasurer

Password Resets

If you need a password reset, email: Secretary or Treasurer

Crusaders Websites - Main Site (managed by (managed by Secretary Treasurer and Communications) - members/info site (managed by Secretary Treasurer and Communications) - has emergency action plans, volunteer info and more - online shop(s) (managed by Treasurer) - Gmail mail web access - Google Drive storage and Team Drives

Team Management

Match Videos

The club operates a YouTube Channel for coaches/parents/others to upload match videos. In order to do so, you'll need permission. Email Secretary or Treasurer if you need access. Most/all of the head coach accounts already have access permissions.

Coaching Resources

Video/Photo Sharing

Social Media

Encourage you all to contribute to the social media and/or find other coaches/parents/players who will. The Communications Director is primarily responsible for all of our communications/social media and can give you access to these accounts to post etc.