Event Planning/Checklist

The club encourages all members to make use of the facilities and organize club events and it's pretty easy:

  1. If it's an event requiring the club to cover expenses of any form or requiring ticket sales, please create a simple budget.

  2. Check field/clubhouse availability for your dates at www.crusadersrugby.club/calendar/

  3. Add the Event to TeamApp

    • A coach or a rugby director may need to add the event into TeamApp for you

    • TeamApp events will automatically be published to the main website calendar at: www.crusadersrugby.club/calendar/ (there may be a delay of a few hours before the entry appears on the main site)

  4. Book Bar/Food:

  5. Event Communications:


  • We want to avoid cash-at-door events

  • Events need to pass through the club books for legal, insurance and taxation purposes - do not run events off to the side

Who Can Help Me?

rugby.director@crusadersrugby.ca - response for senior programs

junior.rugby@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for juniors program

minis.rugby@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for juniors program

social.director@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for club events and supporting events

treasurer@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for club finances, budgets, revenues and expense management

facilities@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for club facilities, including the bar

bar@crusadersrugby.ca - bar manager