Event Planning/Checklist

The club encourages all members to make use of the facilities and organize club events and it's pretty easy:

  1. If it's an event requiring the club to cover expenses of any form or requiring ticket sales, please create a simple budget.

  2. Check field/clubhouse availability for your dates at www.crusadersrugby.club/calendar/

  3. Add the Event to Teamsnap

    • A coach or a rugby director may need to add the event into Teamsnap for you. Club-wide events will need to be added by the Events/Tournaments director using the "Club Event" short tag. Team-specific events can be added by coaches and managers.

    • In addition to informing specific teams/groups via Teamsnap, Teamsnap events will automatically be published to the main website calendar at: www.crusadersrugby.club/calendar/ (there may be a delay before the entry appears on the main site)

  4. Book Bar/Food:

    • If less than a week away, email bar@crusadersrugby.ca to ensure it can be staffed and food is available. Generally, we need at least 10 days notice to make special food orders from our suppliers and we won't reimburse any expenses incurred if you have to make last-minute purchases from a supermarket etc.

    • If an event requires food, please confirm your needs with bar@crusadersrugby.ca at least 10 days in advance.

  5. Event Communications:


  • No cash-at-door events

  • Events need to pass through the club books for legal, insurance and taxation purposes - do not run events off to the side

Who Can Help Me?

rugby.director@crusadersrugby.ca - response for senior programs

junior.rugby@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for juniors program

minis.rugby@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for juniors program

events@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for club events and supporting events

treasurer@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for club finances, budgets, revenues and expense management

facilities@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for club facilities, including the bar

bar@crusadersrugby.ca - bar manager