Volunteering @ Cru

Volunteering at Cru

The Crusaders Rugby Club is a completely volunteer-driven rugby club and we rely on junior players, senior players, parents, mums, dads, volunteers, alumni and members of the club to keep us running - and many hands make light (and fun!) work. We always need volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • coaches at all age levels (minis and up)

  • assistance managing teams and age groups

  • trainers at practices and tournaments

  • volunteer bar staff

  • club events, age group events and social activities

  • grounds/facilities assistance

  • help with sponsorship and fundraising

  • photography

  • videoing matches

  • organizing student volunteers

  • general odd bods for odd jobs to help clean, move things, paint things, improve things

We don't need experts, you don't need previous experience. If you'd like to speak to someone to get details, visit the contacts page, send an email and arrange a time to chat!

Interested in helping out? Contact a coach, send an email to volunteers@crusadersrugby.ca or:

Volunteers: Let Us Know You Can Help

High School Students

Earn Your Volunteer Hours at Cru - It's Easy!

Junior players / high school students who need to earn volunteer hours - we need you: coaching, managing, cleaning, refereeing, organizing, helping with the grounds, painting - and you can log your volunteer hours easily, we'll keep track of those hours for you and provide you with a letter for your hours in the autumn.

How to?

There's a lot that needs to be done at the club - and it can be difficult for other club members/coaches/directors to organize everything. So if you see something that needs doing, you're encouraged just to tell someone you're going to do it, do it, and claim your hours.

Need ideas?: trimming, videoing matches/tournaments, photography, cleaning the clubhouse, painting, cleaning windows, helping Dave Haslam, organizing kit, organizing events, assistant coaching U6s- U12s, refereeing minis, mopping floors, trainers for minis, emptying garbage bins, cleaning floors, cleaning up junk, painting lines, blowing up balls, gardening, whatever takes your fancy. You can always ask Dave Haslam, coaches, or other people for some ideas.