Home Match/Tournament Scheduling Checklist

  1. Add to TeamApp

    • TeamApp matches/tournaments will automatically be published to the main website calendar at: www.crusadersrugby.club/calendar/ (there may be a delay of a few hours before the entry appears on the main site)

  2. Inform Bar/Food

    • If it's more than a week away, only email bar@crusadersrugby.ca if there's an extraordinary need - otherwise they'll see the fixture on the calendar and will staff as usual

    • If less than 2 weeks away, email bar@crusadersrugby.ca to ensure it can be staffed and food needs can be met. If you're organizing something less than 2 weeks in advance, there is no guarantee that the bar will be staffed or there will be adequate food so please plan ahead.

  3. Athletic Therapists

    • The ATs are booked using the calendar, so as long as you've put the match into TeamApp, there will be appropriate AT coverage provided

    • If less than 2 weeks away, or a change to an established schedule, email athletic.therapy@crusadersrugby.ca to ensure AT coverage for the match

Optional Event Communications

Who Can Help Me?

rugby.director@crusadersrugby.ca - response for senior programs

junior.director@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for juniors program

minis.rugby@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for juniors program

athletic.therapy@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for coordinating athletic therapists

facilities@crusadersrugby.ca - responsible for club facilities and fields, including the bar

bar@crusadersrugby.ca - bar manager